Saturday, September 26, 2009


Where am I?

I have been busting my butt for the big IP project I've been stressing about. But, it is FINISHED!!!! YAY!!! I was so relieved when it was finished I literally cried, not too much, but a bit. It was a crazy experience. I did reflect on it though, and this is how I feel: I loved it. In the end I learned SOOO much about organizing a group and managing people. My biggest issue, which I mentioned about a year ago, was that I had issues motivating people to want to work on something. When I worked in CDV last summer I had issues teaching unmotivated coworkers, but this project really made something click. It was pretty cool. And I made some quality friends out it too. All in all I enjoyed it. The teacher in charge of the project told me, after hand-in, that when he saw my group, that he was expecting to have me come to his office crying in the 3rd week or so. hahahahaha!! No, I never felt that way actually. I was really surprised with myself during this project. I didn't freak out at anyone, I didn't break down, I got close once though, and I didn't die hahaha. It is over now, and that means I have TONS of free time on my hands yay! Finally. That is why I was not writing for a bit. But I am back now. WIth some pictures:

This is the Cashew Alfredo sauce I mentioned earlier. I put it atop:
- Leftover roasted rosemary turkey breast (sliced)
- Leftover, cold, roasted butternut squash (amazing idea!)
- Spiralized Zuchini (yes I know, my staple)
- Sliced Cherry Tomatoes

So good.

This is something I made at some point in the past few days! SO YUMM!! Venison in redwine sauce atop a cauliflower broccolli "cake" with steamed broccolli and caulifower as a side, can you tell I had too much broc and cauli?

-Marinade venison entrocote(donno what this is in english) with redwine, some vinegar, salt, pepper, garlic, and rosemary
-Steam lots of broc and cauli
-Puree some of them, put in a pot on heat, add cream, and butter (or olive oil, but I made this at a friend's place) and salt to taste, and some rice flour or regular flour if it needs to thicken
-Put puree in a skillet and brown it so it has a more cake like texture
-Brown the venison in a skillet with some olive oil and throw in some mushrooms
-Add the marinade before the venison is fully cooked and simmer until sauce is desired consistency or meat is done
-Time it right so everything is hot at the end and eat yum!

I mention the funi sometimes and I'm sure you don't know what I'm talking about, so I took a picture of it. It is just a cable car to go up and down the mountain. This is what I take to school in the morning, and home at night. I usually don't take it to buy groceries thogh because I live close enough to the top of the mountain that I like to walk.

I saw my favorite clouds and had to share: lenticular clouds! They look like lenses above the mountains. Awesome.

These are just two pictures of my morning view taking the funi to school, what I get to look at before I hop on the transport.


Sabah said...

Lulu you are so awsome :) the way you deal with challenges is so smart and mature. People spend so much money and time to learn what you learn in aweek or two . I am , all of us, are very proud of you . Oh, and cngratulation for finishing the project . Good job .

Diana said...

Wow! So absolutely beautiful!

Guess what came in the mail today?! My spiralizer! I'm so excited I can hardly stand it. I already spiralized a couple zucchini. Works like a charm. Next I'm going back to your post with the recipe for cashew aflredo and heading off to the store for the ingredients. After a stop at the gym, of course. :)

Thanks Lia. I would never had tried sprializing anything. Can't wait to try the cashew alfredo recipe.

Also, great job on managing your group. I have a feeling you're going to go far in this world. Heck, you already have!

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing these beautiful images with us

Diana said...

Read all about my spiralized zucchini with cashew alfredo sauce. I made it tonight and it was delicious! Thank you so very much. I'm loving my spiralizer. Coolest kitchen tool ever.

Ron said...

Beautiful pictures, and I am going to have to try your alfredo sauce

TaCaKa said...

You should lead people to my blog to show them where we live.... Maybe... I don't know.. DO IT