Monday, September 28, 2009

Yesterday's Pictures

Loving Myself

The other day, or week, or something, time has been PMSing recently, I went on a walk and loved it so much! I ate tons of blackberries sun ripened right from the bush. I then thought about how much I would love to document, each day, a: "How I showed myself love." That sounds soooo much cheesier when I write it down hahahaha. Anyway, today I went on a nice walk after my accounting exam, which, by the way, went reallllyyyy well. The weather was screaming to be outside, so I did it. I brought a friend along and we studied for our Psychology exam tomorrow and enjoyed tons of berries. These are the best berries, Oh, and plums from the trees, also delicious. And I'm going to Yoga in 45 minutes. It is taught in French by the way, which is really nice to learn new words in french by taking yoga. I know most of the poses already, and enough french that I can follow surprisingly well! Lots of self loving activities going on today. YAY!

Other news

- For my trip to Barcelona, I need to figure out cheap, but awesome, things to do. Does anyone have any suggestions? They would be much appreciated!

- I'm running my second ever race on the 25th of October, a 15K and I'm getting really excited about it. I remember the state I was in for the last one, it was not a very good one. Perhaps I will recount it on a another post. This time things are so different in a really good way!


Here are the pictures I took yesterday from my hike, and a recipe!

This looks like your ordinary salad, but it is the most amazing salad of forever! It is my FAVORITE dressing! My mom's ceasar dressing:

With mortar and pestle:
- Crush 2 garlic cloves
- Smoosh a can of anchovies
- Add 1/2 tsp of mustard powder
- A couple drops of Tabasco
- A dollop or two of Worscheshire
- Wisk in juice of 1/2 a lemon
- Wisk in about 1/3 cup olive oil depending how lemony you like it
- Wisk in 1/4 cup parm, or sprinkle directly onto your salad or ommit, I ommit.

This is honestly the freshest, tastiest ceasar dressing. In my salad I threw in some sardines because I love sardines. It complimented the dressing quite nicely.

I walk to school often times, and this is part of my walk. I liked this picture because, not only is it the "fork in the road" symbolic of decisions, it is also "the high road or the low road." My school is down the mountain, yah hahaha.

I love Swiss walking signs. Les Roches, the school, is in Bluche

Then I went on my evening hike!! I saw cows! I love Swiss cows. And you always know where your dairy is coming from because the cows are all around all the time.

This picture I love!! My Italian friend Enzo and I went walking this way before and saw the river and decided to build two dams to reroute the water. Just for fun! I miss those random acts of adventure. We did it a week ago, and it was still there, though the river found its origional path again.

This was my REAL hike, through the woods of Montana-Village. I was batteling the sun setting.

The trail

One of my favorite points on this hike is this small sanctuary. The first time I stumbled upon it I started crying, and I'm not religious in anyway. I felt so peaceful and greatful to life. I just think it is such a random tribute to life that was placed along the trail.

And, this is the full spot. There is a bench in the bottom corner, and the statue in the opposite top corner. I know hard to see...

And finally at the end of my hike I came upon some more cows and I was all euphoric from the experience. I love Switzerland.


big_mummy said...

15k!!! wow, wow wow. I am just aiming to run *part* of a 5k next year, after just walking it this year, so kudos to you

Ethan Allen said...


Out of curiosity, what brand of sardines do you get? And do you prefer in Olive Oil or in Spring Water? Bristling or normal? There are so many options. I'm always sampling new types, but my favorites are King Oscar Bristling Sardines in Olive Oil, and Breitling Sardines in Spring Water. Kind Oscar doesn't do well in spring water, and Breitling doesn't do well in oil...Also, do you like them with or without skin and bones? I'm a whole fish kind of guy.
It's just nice to find someone else who likes sardines :)

Sabah said...

What a nice trip you took us on Lia, I rerally enjoyed walking with you , through your camera. I knew you make a good film maker :).
I like Sardin too. all kinds. when I was in in school in Kuwait, we used to buy it from a gocery store at lunch time. It was in olive oil and small red chilli peper. It was delicious, especially when we were very hungry.

Diana said...

I love sardines too! Most people think I'm nuts when I say that, but they're so good!

I can't wait to try that dressing. I love a good ceasar dressing but they're hard to find. I took a cooking class in college and remember rubbing the wooden bowl with anchovies. I love them too. We didn't put them in the salad, but a good idea. I'll have to try it.

Great pics. Looks so pretty there. Happy cows = happy dairy. I think that's a commercial here for a dairy farm. :)

Richard said...

Hi Lia,
Richard LOVES sardines of all kinds and I like them. I also wanted to ask what brand of spiralizer you bought? I am thinking of buying one. It would be a good addition to our kitchen equipment.