Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Aight! I have to catch my funi in a sec so this is what is directly on my mind:

So I'm taking my week off now instead of later. I've been working out pretty hard core for something like 7 weeks now, and I'm feeling it in too many ways. No point pushing right now. My body and mind are telling me I need the break, so I'm gonna listen. I almost had a breakdown of sorts today and the consistent soreness in my hamstrings along with generally increasing fatigue= BREAK! I even ate cheese today! I have NO IDEA why. I don't even like cheese anymore (except on a NY pizza, fond taste memories there), AND it isn't vegan, so I donno what was going on, I think it was a self-doubt freak out moment. I got nasty tummy feelings afterwards and didn't like it or finish it, soooo yah. Time to chill properly. I came to this realization/conclusion during yoga today, which was the only thing I was looking forward to today. I'm gonna do yoga only this next week and any dancing that might come my way ;) And I would like to get back to my fresh raw cuisine I was enjoying until a couple days ago. I felt so much better eating that way. We live we learn.

Thought for tonight: LOVE UNABASHEDLY!


antgirl said...

The cheese may be a signal for something specific ... dairy/calcium or maybe protein? Maybe some fat?

Find the balance between living and practicing [workouts].

HOpe your leg feels better. :)

Sabah said...

Good that you listened to your body. I don't think humans , or any other living creature , are meant to work continuesly without physical or mental rest. It is known that our biological clock( cicacian ..something) works in circles, we are at aour most awakness and activity from waking up in the morning till mid day. Then we need to slow down, even a short nap is encouraged to put the system in rest in line with the inner clock. The inner clock is our hormones, brain waves, blood circulation ,etc. they slow down at certain time of the day and night. So afternoon we are awake again untill evening,i.e. darkness.So my dear, you should slow down sometimes.Love you :)