Wednesday, September 2, 2009



It's been chilly here. I've been craving warm food, so I've been eating it, yummm! I wondered how I would react when the weather got colder, and it is exactly how I supposed. I'm also pretty stressy lately. I'm not one to force myself against my inclinations, less and less, so I'm not fighting it. My cravings are generally short lived and still healthy, so why not.


Yesterday was my friend Sebastian's birthday and we all went out to a Thai restaurant! It was o nice and very delicious. We got an assortment of apatizers for the table and I tried my first Mai Tai! Yummmm! I had Tofu and Veggie Paneng Curry with some steamed rice, heavenly! This is what I have been craving for a good 3 weeks, so I was very happy about it! I would have taken pictures, but I still have not had the opportunity to go to the store, and yes it actually does take scheduling and at least 2 hours to go to the store and back, unless you have a car....which I don't. We had a really nice Chardonnay with the food, and I didn't pay enough attention to know where it was from, alas. But it was good. Dessert was a Black Forest Cake, which I had never tried before, and htough not vegan I did try it. It is nice. Too creamy for my tastes, but otherwise the flavours were good. There was also some kind of chocolate on chocolate on dense dark chocolate situation. I took a peice of that one :D The boys have the pictures and I would love it if they let me upload them onto the blog. I shall ask them when I see them. They went to see Cold Play today, so they are MIA. BBAII students have so much free class time. Friday is Tahir's birthday, so we shall see what deliciousness and fun will follow!

I hope everyone is doing well and finding joy each day!

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