Sunday, September 13, 2009

More Life Insight


So, I have been doing pretty well. I've been feeling really chill recently and LOVING the Fall mornings, though afternoon turns back into summer for some reason. Last Tuesday I went to Lausanne for a bit of a recentering thing and needed a mini vacation.

This is another reason the Swiss are fit. The whole city is full of having to walk up the mountain rediculously steep hahaha:

I also needed Starbucks.....mwhahaha, and Switz does not cater to Pumpkin Spiced goodness...

This is just a nice view of the buildings:

I did meet a winter-batch friend of mine, Nazih, who is doing his internship at the Beau Rivage in Lausanne. We did some work in Starbucks and chatted about his next semester, what I am currently going through. It was nice to see him and walk around some of the hotel grounds.

Today, I planned properly and made my first proper dinner of deliciousness:

Here we have roasted Butternut Squash, salt, pepper, and rosemary; Roasted carrot and courgette; Turkey with more rosemary mmmmm; and finally my version of cauliflower broccoli puree. I love purees sooo much. This one had sauteed garlic in it, which I didn't even taste unfortunately, but it was still good!

While I ate that, I had some Chestnuts roasting as well!! I love Fall, did I mention that? I shared them with Tahir, and in his dexterity he pounded one to open it and it exploded its contents quite elegantly onto my shirt....hahaha, t'was a sight!

Soooo, another reason I went to Lausanne was to get a peircing, well a couple actually, but it was rather pricey, and did not work out, so the next day I was bored and alone in my room, so why not do it yourself? I did. The top earing is the new one! Didn't hurt much at all, I was rather surprised, and pleased.

I am excited that things are coming to a close with projects now and midterm is coming up soon. I don't know what I will be doing for it, but it will be good I am sure!

I hope everyone is feeling gooooooooddd! Remember it is all about your own happiness, so DO IT!


antgirl said...

Piercing yourself takes guts. You're a warrior!

What a beautiful place. Which I could pop into the pic and stroll around.

Mmmm. Your dinner looks fabulous and I love roasted chestnuts.

Diana said...

More beautiful pictures, it really makes me want to visit Switzerland. I looks gorgeous.

Now about piercing your own ears, oh my gosh! You are much braver than me. It hurt me when a professional did it. The thought of doing it myself makes me cringe.

Your dinner looks delicious.