Monday, August 31, 2009

Give a Little Love to Get a Little Love


I feel kinda like I want to post pictures. It is kind of addicting. And it makes things look more interesting. I mean I like reading blogs with pictures more than I like reading the ones without, I just need my batteries. Hopefully I will get to the grocery store tomorrow and do that...properly this time hahahaha!

Dehydration and Lack of Sleep

= VERY GRUMPY LIA! I was rather stressy today because of those factors. I was verging on snapping at my IP group. Good thing I didn't. I did eat a rather heavy hot lunch today, which will be my cooked meal for the week and well....yah, not the best idea. The cooked foods I had had before weren't actually hot, so technically I have gone 2 weeks without hot food. And my lunch killed me. I ate at 12.30. I'm just getting hungry now and it is definitely 7.15 pm! And I think it may have contributed to my mood and stomach ache hahaha! and learn.


I was SOO close to not working out today because of my mood, and I had signed up for an off campus yoga, which is taught in french. But I just get too stressed and crossed my name off the yoga list since it takes 1 hour to go up and down the mountain to get to the class and back, and the 1 hour class. 2 hours with the projects on my mind...sometimes I just need to NOT commit myself to everything around me, maybe then I would have more free time? hahahaha! I did go to the gym to get my stressyness out of my system. Oh wonderfulness. T'was nice and I feel better.

Random Notes:

I think I want to be a little less selfish and initiate more social relationships. I'm pretty sure my lack of initiative is why I find myself sitting in the lobby or CDV working all the time. Not that working is bad of course! I'd just like to give a little love.

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antgirl said...

Exercise helps me destress, too.

Hope you find a minute to chillax. :)