Thursday, August 27, 2009



Yesterday was pretty interesting. I did another yoga lesson using the routine from Yoga to the People. It was not one I had done before and I thought I had clicked on one I had was quite difficult. A large part of the girls who started left part way through, so I don't know how it went over with them, if they had to leave for some reason, or they were working too hard. I enjoyed it a lot, but the sweat was dripping off of me. I'm sore today! One girl came up to me after the class and was so happy because in Russia, where she is from, the classes she used to take were REALLY hard, so she loved it and wanted to make sure I would be doing it every Wednesday, which I will because I love it, and it chills me out on Weds, which is much needed. Today is conditioning class. The gym manager bought us jump ropes, so I'm excited to try them out today!


I realized that while most people have their classes scattered until Friday mine are compressed only until Thursday, which is awesome because I get an extra day added to my weekend, BUT I have an intense week. SO I really need to focus and stay motivated...and well hydrated on Thursdays because it is full classes 8-5.30. I'm just telling myself that now. Almost done then relax. 2 classes left, DO IT!

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antgirl said...

I used to do the same thing - try to get Friday or Monday off.

I love yoga, too. Makes me sweat and makes me sore. You're too young for this benefit, but it makes us older folks feel at least 2 decades younger.