Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Oh Right, Deadlines


So, we have this project, the Integrated Project, in which we can create a group of 6 from any of the management, HOIII, classes and we have this project that incorporates 6 different classes. I am doing accounting as my focus, though I have spent most of my energy and time on F&B. It is week 5 of classes and this project is due in week 9. Things need to be done! I'm just realizing that some parts that should really be finished haven't even been started, and it is starting to stress me out a bit. I might have to take on Human Resources because it hasn't been touched yet or learn how to get the group member to actually do it....I'm trying, I've tried the positive reinforcement thing, and I almost snapped at him today because he didn't reference ANYTHING, and that = plagerism = group FAILURE. This counts as 30% of 6 classes final grades. Kind of important. I told him he is screwing over his whole group by not referencing and it is more than just failing the class or the project. It is failing the year. An EVEN bigger deal. He kinda got pouty and walked away. I'm getting impatient with him....*deep breath*

It will get done, even if a few of us have to pick up the slack at the end, which would be no good, but better than otherwise. We have a meeting today, so hopefully things will get cleared up and people will feel the pull of the deadline. I'm gonna be the last one working because I have to proof read the entire 12,ooo word paper, so I'm just feeling the deadline more than they are. If they finish 1 day before it is due, that leaves me that night to read and correct etc.

Ok I'm done. Refreashing to read a stressed out Lia? hahaha! Ok I have Facilities Management class now. Peace out!


antgirl said...

Hope you get the slacker getting on track. That would stress me out, too.

Sometimes I miss college. When reading stuff like this, not so much. LOL Take care of yourself.

Sabah said...

I am sure you will pull it off. Iknow you :) eat , drink( water) and sleep well. LOL

Diana said...

I remember doing group projects in class and always had one slacker in the group. Funny, now I realize they're preparing you for real life.