Saturday, August 29, 2009



I think I am finally figuring out how to control the amount I spend on groceries. I'm actually starting to pay attention! Yay Lia, learning. More veggies, less fruit. Strawberries instead of blueberries. Lettuces and green things! Yah. I was gonna take a picture of my groceries yesterday because I managed to get a huge amount to last me for a good while for 60 chf, which I was actually surprised baout. One of my purchases was batteries fro my camera since it is dead. BUT when I got home I bought AAA instead of AA, awesome Lia. So, I'm still camera-less. I also wanted to show you why Swiss people are so fit: A picture of me with my bags after walking down the mountain with them, which meant I had to walk UP the mountain initially. Yup. Swiss people are awesome.


That project I was stressing about is moving along now. I think, I hope. we have a deadline now, which is the Friday of Week 7. Monday will be week 6. This will give me ample time to go through everything and make sure all writing is nice and smooth. I discussd with one of the more responsible group members on how to motivate our not so responsible one to no avail. THEN in the middle of our meeting it struck me, andI made my proposal. We would pitch in and buy him a magnum sized bottle of vodka if he finished his part by friday of week 7. The other memebrs loved the idea and said they were gonna contribute too. Not the healthiest way to motivate, but he loves partying and drinking so this seemed suitable for now. Hahahaha! I know, it's kinda bad....He actually pumped out some stuff that day with the incentive in mind, so that was a good sign!

Summer's End

The mornings have been feeling colder now, and I fear my days of laying out in the sun with a tank top and skirt are coming to an end. I suppose this is inevitable, but I so love the warmth of summer and the harsh sun. There is a pool party today that I will be enjoying to celebrate the end of summer I think.

Food and Fitness

I haven't talked much about htis but all is well. I was a bit behind on my fitness routine, but I caught up and am all good now. I noticed that I was scheduling Thursdays as my off days, but always wanted to work out on Thursdays, and not on Fridays so I switched it up this week...though I went dancing on Friday and my legs are sore!! SO I donno if I have really gven myself a proper day off from exercise this week. When I finish this 30-day program I'm taking a nice week off because I haven't chilled for almost 6 weeks now, and I've read that you should take that time off after 6 weeks. I've been 100% raw except for the one cooked meal a week, and it has gone well for the second week! It is interesting how I am not having as much trouble with craving cooked foods as I thought I would have. I'm off to the gym now and then the pool. For lunch I made guacamole which I will put in Endive leaves! Yumm! And also an ear of sweet swiss corn for munching on!

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