Thursday, August 20, 2009

Stop Kissing Pigs!


Swine flu is pretty rampant at my school. A bunch of confirmed cases and TONS of students being quarantined, and more wearing masks around. They are all just getting a nasty flu, recovering and moving on with their lives, but for some reason people are freaking out because THIS flu has a special name. So far I've been pretty lucky not getting it. I will give due credit to the immense loads of produce I have been eating since the people I spend the most time with are ill. Some of the Koreans are really freaking out about it and are petitioning the school to close down for a couple of days. I have NO idea what that would accomplish, except to promote two more nights of partying and transmission of the virus....but maybe I'm just being cynical. I did not sign the petition.


It's realllllyyyy hot here right now. A killer to wear uniforms. I donno how the "sweat inclined" deal with this, if they change their shirts often or what. There is AC in some of the rooms, only the larger ones, otherwise, no AC and suits. The lobby bar is making a load of money on lemonade and ice cream hahaha!


A lot of the muslims have been talking about participating in Ramadan, and have been asking me to join them. I thought about it, and have always thought it would be a good idea, just to feel it out and reconnect with my roots, but I know already that fasting all day would do me no good when I'm running this fitness club and going to classes all day, so I thought I would make a modification for my purposes. Fasts are supposed to be cleansing so I will make this my 40-day higher-raw ackowledgement of Ramadan. Recently I have not been as raw as I would like. I've never been good at following a "challenge" through, so I'm a bit worried about my consistancy, but I shall give it a go. My criteria is to eat ALL raw meals except one meal a week. I think that is a good idea and I shall have to plan appropriatly in order to stick to it. I've been noticing that produce is costly since I eat so much of it, and I wanted to apologize to my dear daddy for that and thank him for giving me the means and opportunity to eat the way I do, as strange as it has seemed to my family. So thank you!


I "led" my first yoga class by using a podcst from Yoga To The People and doing the moves for the girls to follow. It went well and was realllyyy challenging! I didn't realize I was giving them such a hard one. Most of them were just chilling in child's pose for the last parts. I did find a girl who used to do ribbon gymnastics and yoga, and said she would be interested in teaching, soooo that would be super helpful, and we will see what becomes of that. Today is free weights in the classroom. I donno what I'm gonna do with them yet. I need some good music for these workouts, any suggestions??


Ron said...

Stay Healthy, hope you don't get the flu!

melissa said...

I am not too sure about music for yoga. Laughing lotus classes often play great music, sometimes just pop and rock that is not too intense or crazy. I like hearing about your populations, I used to work with all different ethnic populations in queens, it was a great experience.

Diana said...

You teach yoga too! My gosh girl, how do you do it? Youth, it's a wonderful thing. Enjoy it!

Anonymous said...

If possible, try some Indian fusion music. they are unique in the world.