Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Trip

Random Comments

I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures! You should definitely visit Switzerland, just for the views. I'm chilling in the lobby about to review some facilities management stuff since there are rumours that we have a test today. I'm a bit worried, as this professor is rather hard. I've been wanting to update the blog but keep finding myself with 15 minutes with internet and doing research or something. But I got up bright and early (6 am) to get some stuff done before class at 10. I watched the sunrise this morning, which was refreashing as always.


I had another awesome workout yesterday, doing the Gym Junkie 30 day challenge fro summer that I never finished before. I really love these workouts. The gym was so full wen I went though, and I think I looked a bit funny doing jump squats over and over again. THEN there was women's fitness, which had a better turn out than expect. 11 people out of the 8 that signed up, not bad. I put them through some of the gym junkies stuff and then we did a really challenging abs session with tons of isometric holds. The girls were dying, it was funny, and they appreciated actually being challenged in the gym. There are some that I see in the gym often enough, and realized today that they go and don't callenge themselves when they are there. I donno what they do. Just my naivity I suppose. I'm glad they want to come and get a good workout.


The school is hosting a trip to the Italian part of Switzerland on Saturday, and I'm going! Yay! My first school trip. And it is free of course because I do the fitness class. It should be fun. My goal this semester is to travel around more, so this is a start. I'll take pictures and post them when I go.


I've been making this kinda of veggie lasagna thing. I've had it 3 times this week. Sooooo good! I initially used the leftover pesto, but I made a big batch of "teryaki sauce" so now I've been making them with thhat sauce. So fresh!


I got a package the other day sent from home!! So excited. HAHAHAHA, I even managed to "Sneakily" open it in class to explore its contents. There was tons of flax, pecans, cashews, almond butter, a Sephora gift card, wild rice, and a bunch of DVDs of a film my friend made for her film school project about why an American is studying in Europe. She flew all the way out here to film me in class and stuff. Its was fun and epic!


Julie said...

sounds like you got a sweet package girl! way to be oo7 about opening it :)

Diana said...

You're teaching a fitness class?! Wow! I am impressed. They'll sure keep you in shape.

Loved the pictures. It really looks like you're leading a charmed life. :)