Saturday, August 22, 2009

A View of Recent Awesomeness

Here are some more pictures of my life wooot!

I bought TONS of black berries at the market! Sooo good!!

I also finished my Amazing Grass Green awesomeness alas.

I ALSO finally succumbed to the banana soft serve, though I added some coconut milk, which made a delicious combination. This is literally frozen bananas blended, so good!

I did enjoy it :D

And here is some pics of my apartment, which I know you wanted to see.

What I got in my package: Wild rice, DVDS, Sephora gift card, pecans, flax, and cashews

I didn't know this was gonna cost 35 chf.....
Incense, planner, and lock, and stain remover...much needed

I also made an awesome salad that is super nutritious. Zuchini, lamb lettuce, red lettuce thing, dulse, nutritional yeast, flax, and a creamy asian curry dressing made with blended seeds!!

That's about it over here.



Sagan said...

Ooh nice package. And really nice apartment!

Frozen banana is a great treat.

Sabah said...

Cute Appartment. Organised and tidy...hmmm are you sure this is your apat. :) . You seem in love with food too. don't blame you, sounds delicious :D. Black berries look soooo good. they are in season here too.

Diana said...

I've been picking blackberries here in the Northwest. They grow like weeds and are everywhere! I've picked and frozen several quarts. I love them smoothies with goat whey protein powder and spinach. Really yummy.

Your food always looks so delicious. That salad looks wonderful. What I like is that you appreciate your food so much but you eat healhty and it shows. You look beautiful!