Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I had a WONDERFUL day today! Why? I was recounting the story to my mom and realized the circumstances aren't all that epic or even what most would consider good. Then my mind wandered back to Psych class yesterday. We talked about optimism and how it is a mentality etc. We din't really go into it much since we were focusing on Alzheimers, though I don't know why. Anyway, we talked about how you can create new pathways in the brain and train it to flow a certain way. Then we looked at Monk's brains during rest and during meditation and how they actually trained them to work differently. My point is that I was noticing that the wonderfulness of the world is created by each of us, and circumstances are not the reason for joy or sadness, 90 % of the time I suppose or maybe all the time.

The day started with me missing my Funi to get to school at 6.50. I had brought too much to my apartment: 2 heavy shoulder bags and my purse, so walking down was going to be a bit harder than normal, oh AND it was raining, hahahaha!! So, I rolled up my suit pants (yes I was in uniform) and put on some sneakers. I did the 20 minute walk down the mountain trail through the woods and LOVED it. I felt so refeashed an happy for some reason and the thought struck me: "This is a reason I work out and stay fit, so I can deal with this without too much trouble" hahahaha! Too much fun.

Then my smoothie tasted particularly good this morning, though I donno why exactly, maybe it was the fact that the banana didn't blend perfectly so I got little surprise chunks of frozen yummy banana with each sip! The small things in life right!

Class was fun for some reason too.

Then I clarified a guy situation letting him know I wasn't looking for a romantic thing, and it went SO much better than I expected, but maybe that is just my awkward stressy self. And all is well there.

Then a nice workout that added more endorphins to my already happy self.

Then I enjoyed the biggest salad of forever, INCLUDING truly spiralized zuchini. Hahaha! I asked the chef in the kitchen if I could use it for my dinner, and since the students hadn't arrived to start prepping for dinner, they let me! I was so happy and loved the texture so much. I made a raw marinara curry sorta creamy sauce that I brought to school with me and used as my dressing. There were tons of other veggies and mushrooms, oyster I think, so it was truly epic. I looked at it thinking there was no way I was gonna be able to finish it, and did with a perfect fullness. The workout must have been burning me more than I thought.

So now that I'm done rambling about my day, with no message, I will go do Women's fitness!

Maybe it's all the raw foods I've been eating. I've been 100% raw since the start of Ramadan, except my 1 cooked meal for the week. Yippee!

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antgirl said...

Endorphins are wonderful to beefing up optimism. :)

It is the lens we look through that makes like great or not. It can be tough to change it, but very worthwhile. Do whatever it takes to keep your optimism. It makes life all the sweeter.