Thursday, August 6, 2009


SO, I read a blog post today. It was written by one of the many health blogs I follow and it made me realize something about myself. Any of you quiet readers out there who "found" my other blog about my quest for finding health, fitness, and balance, know a bit about how I have had some issues with food and body image and all that jazz. The blog is not there anymore if you're looking for it. WELL, the post, linked above is about how a lot of health bloggers have this unhealthy obsession with health and especially with food. As I was reading it, I was remarking to myself that I didn't stress about going out to eat; I gained 10 lbs when I went home, noted it, started eating a bit better again, and moved on with my life. Basically, I JUST realized that I don't stress out about these things anymore, at least not anywhere near to the extent I used to. I've already lost the 10 lbs, and was very happy along the way. I love eating greens and do so with reckless abandon. Being vegan has also come into balance for me. I will eat some things that are not vegan if I am put in a position where my options are nonexistant, and I don't stress about it anymore because I think I realized that everything is a choice. Ha! I know who I learned that from too, thanks, you should know who you are ;) I am not obligated to be healthy. I do not HAVE to be vegan. I certainly don't NEED to go to the gym. But I like to. I am doing more of what I like. It's cool to realize it. No, it is liberating. :D Am I becoming normal? hahahahahahaha!

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Sabah said...

The word os : you are becoming more comfortable with yourself and more accepting to who you are.This is something we all strive for almost all our lives. The lucky ones reach that state early in life ( like you ) so they get to enjoy the journey of life more , focus on doing what they are good at and what they like and grow and evolve,instead of being distracted by fighting oneself.( just a Mommy analysis :D)Mwahh