Sunday, August 9, 2009

More Goodness


Aight! So, I wanna say a couple things. First off that life is awesome and I feel so excited everyday! I donno why...I'm okay with that, but this is more than reminiscent of the Lia I was missing oh so much before!! :D yay! Second, I'm going to write my blog update now.


To start with, I attempted to make raw vegan alfredo sauce based on a recipe I found in a cookbook, but it was WAY lemoney, and ended up being more of a creamy italian garlic sauce. It was still god, but a bit overwhelmingly lemoney. So last night I was STARVING because I stayed in school the ENTIRE day to do some work and use the internet, and I guess my workout schedule has bumped up my metabolism 'cause my packed lunch and snacks were nowhere near enough to satisfy. Sooooo, I went home for an early dinner by 6 and made a better pesto for my "zuzhini pasta." T'was quite delicious, and I still have half the pesto leftover to use on something tonight perhaps? I'm out of zuchini though, and just about all my other veg....though I do have ayellow bell pepper waiting for me...maybe I'll make stuffed bell pepper for dinner? I'm getting ahead of myself. I did plan ahead, because I read a delicious recipe online and decided to ACTUALLY make a proper raw dessert. I've always kinda been scared to do it for some reason. I made an O SO GOOD lemon strawberry cream cake. Heavenly....sssiiiggghhhh* I blended dates, pecans, almonds, a touch of sea salt, and a bit of sunflower oil until it became like a thick dough. I pressed it into a small container and let it chill for a bit. Then I put a whole avocado, juice of one lemon, 6 soaked dates, 3 non soaked dates, and a hanful of strawberries into the blender, until amazingly creamy. Pour into the crust and let chill. EAT. I enjoyed a nice portion of that an hour or so after my pesto dinner while watching a really cool movie.


It is called Respiro. An Italian film about a woman who is more liberal than her society accepts. The librarian was getting excited because we have the same taste in movies, so she handed me a couple to watch this weekend. I also gave her a list of movies to order that she doesn't have. I actually suggested the film Caramel, but it was already on its way! She watched Solaris too and we had a nice little chat about what the movie was about and what it meant. She gave me another one to watch tonight, but I don't remember the name. I will let you know.


Sore. I'm taking this weekend off of any physical activity simply because my body needs a rest. I've been working out pretty hard when I'm on my own, and then I go to the women's fitness and end up getting a second workout unintentionally. So, I'm chilling for now. I wanna restart this awesome 30 day intense program I started last semester, but didn't finish. I love it because it taught me some of my new favorite weight exercises and gives you a lot of free will in the program. As always, I ignore the "diet" part of it because it usually does not apply to my eating habits, and I eat healthy anyway. I reorganized the Women's Fitness Club a bit. I designated Tuesday and Thursday as in the gym days, and Wednesdays as larger group class days, each week a different thing. So, this Weds is "Body Weight Boot Camp" hahahaha! I like the name too ;P I'll do a yoga class, and a dance thing, etc.

Perks of Passion!

I was informed after my last class, by the recreation manager at school that I get free access to all the school trips because I am donating my time to the school. So, I finally don't have to worry about paying for the trips to Milan and Lugano and stuff. There is one in 2 weeks and another in a month, so I'm gonna go to both without having to spend 80 chf! YAY! Doing what you love always pays off when you don't expect it to, crazy!


Sabah said...

Awsome Lia. You sem to enjoy life to the maximum...and in a healthy way too :D. i am so happy for you.
Free trips to Italy. Wow, can I have ajob at your school. You know I am a good cook :D
Love you baby

Sabah said...

I started eating more raw food. I will try the Alfredo soauce one.