Wednesday, August 5, 2009

High Raw


So, I wanted to write a little something about my eating. Mid-end of last semester I really started eating a lot of raw vegan food, lots of greens. Since then I have been reading tons about Raw eating and have gotten more creative than simply lots of salads. I still try to get in tons of greens, which I need to restock on since they go by so quickly, but enjoy a wider variety of yumminess. A new favorite, which I just told my dear mommy about is grated zuchini with a raw vegan pesto sauce, so it is like pesto pasta but with shredded zuchini instead. SO good. I need to make that again, ASAP, and maybe some cashew creamy "alfredo" sauce. I have noticed a few things since eating high raw. I didn't get sick much. I used to get at least 2 nasty flu things during semester, but nothing really happened last semester. There was one time when I thought something was comming on, but it never amounted to anything, and if I do get a little something, it goes away smoothly and quickly. This did not used to be the case AT ALL. I was prepared to miss a couple days of school due to ilness, simple because I have always, but last semester I never did. I only missed class by choice. Likewise, this semester, so far, I have been sniffle free and seem to have tons of energy. Even if I'm sleepy, I have energy hahahaha! That could just be my mood change. I have been getting lots of comments on my skin, which is interesting because I don't think I got so many in such a short period of time before. I definitly credit this to my food. I also seem to have lost my taste for most cooked foods and sugars again. I feel overwhelmed and get a tummy ache is I eat more than a couple bites of cooked food. Oh yah, my tummy has been feel wonderful since coming back to school and going mostly raw again. I wasn't at home so much as now. My headaches are still semi present, but they seem to actually go away as opposed to lingering. Perhaps it is just optimism. I know the whole not getting sick thing is related though.

Try some raw dishes, there are some truly awesome recipes out there. They are fast and easy, make plenty of food, and clean up is rinse and dry. Good for a student! For my dinner today I made Gazpatcho, which I don't think is my fav thing, but I thought I would try it. I sall see today.


I had my second meeting of the fitness club yesterday. It was a MUCH smaller group, which suited me perfectly. I put them through the machine curcuit and then some intervals on the treadmills. 10 minutes of butt kicking cardio! They seemed all wiped out after the workout, which was my goal. A lot of these girls know the gym and go, but barely push themselves when they are there. They think gyming is about maybe breaking a sweat at the end of an hour. I'm trying to show them that your workout really should be the hardest part of your day, but also one of the most rewarding! When they see that they can push themselves FARTHER than they thought, they will hopefully do so on thier own and benefit :D I have my next meeting tomorrow,a nd the sign up is MORE than full, so I need to figure out what to do with all those girls.

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