Friday, August 14, 2009

A Day of Beauty

I Took Pictures Today YAY!

I started my day pretty well getting up at 6am as usual, though harder on Fridays since I have one class at 8 am for only one hour. But I did. And I had a quarter Watermelon for breakfast yum yum. With an espresso, yes I did. I got up, but it was an effort. I wanted the help. Oh, fitness yesterday went pretty badly. The guys came and argued and complained about how this is discrimination etc. etc. so I was very distracted from the girls, and did not get to get a good flow going. They got Radu's number (the recreation head) and the guys are going to talk to him about how unfair it is to close off the gym for 2 hours a week during peak time. We shall see. I was pretty bummed out about it yesterday, but got over it this morning. Didn't sleep well unfortunatly. I was plagued by bad dreams.

Onto the Pictures:

Here is my beloved "garden" of basil and parsley. They make donations to my raw pesto. ;D

I was walking around Crans-Montana today since the weather was too nice and I finished class super early..... AND I desperately needed groceries. This place is usually and ice skating rink, so I thought it was so cool that in the summer it is all sandy and stuff.

Heyyyyyyy look, a stage for concerts!

HAHAHA and then I noticed that there were trampolines with kids in harnesses!! Why not hahaha!

When I got to Migros I was soo excited because the Migros up there has a little juice bar, and I have been craving some juice. I asked for carrot and celery, but they didn't have celery, but I asked and they agreed that if I bought some they could make my juice....ummm, yah, that basically means future juices are in my hands!! I can buy the goods and have them juiced there. They even discounted the price of the celery!

I was soooo excited about all my fresh produce that completely weighed me down, and went straight home to make another Zuchini pesto, but this time used the wide slicer thing on the grater to make long strips of zuchini pasta. I also was smart and bought pre grated carrots, and mini asperagus, as well as cherry tomatoes. I made my pesto and mixed it all up!! YUM!

I also stopped by a hidden kitchen store that I had not known about previously and they are odering a spiralizer by my request. It is 55 chf, and looks big in the picture, so I will probably not be making that purchase, as it would also be quite a pain to travel around with. It's cool they have one though.

Oh, that's me on my balcony enjoying the food. I don't usually crouch when I eat my food, but I didn't think to move the chair to the balcony to bring the camera up...whateve

I got to look at this too hehehehe, I'm sooooo spoiled here!


Sabah said...

Very nice pictures. i feel like I am almost there :D.
if the boys are upset about the gym, may be if you ask thenm to join they will stop complaining. I Am sure they would like to join the girls in a class.try it.

Ron said...

Beautiful Pics.... If I took a picture of a flat line... that would look like where I live here in Illinois LOL

Sagan said...

BEAUTIFUL! And look at all that lovely greenery...