Thursday, August 13, 2009

Drunk HA


Ok, so I just had lunch and found myself all "drunk"- extroverted and joyous, when, before lunch I was irritable. I have been noting that I get this super extroverted mood at certain times, and wanted to think out loud to see when it is and how I can take advantage of it. One, is obviously after I eat when my blood sugar had been low, another is when I have a had a glass of wine, another after I worked out and feel powerful and "high." Oh, and when I've been communicating with old friends. Those bring out my POSITIVE extroverted side. So, I would love to work this understanding in a strategic way. Simply to take advantage of, and maximize a part of me that I value and wish was more consistant. I'm not saying I'm super happy one day and depressed the next. I'm talking more along the lines of extroversion and introversion. I value both and am happy in both states, but I prefer my extroverted state over my introverted one, probably because I love people and being productive and ACTIVE. There is another side of my extroverted state, which is the restless sort of self destructive one. I'm still trying to find the root of it and how to avoid it, but so far this semester, so good! Everything seems to work out when I'm in those positive outgoing moods and it takes A LOT to get me down. I used to think that one could control one's moods absolutly, but I have come to realize that it usually happens the other way around, where your mood can control you absolutly!! I think the key is understanding that side of you and using it correctly as well as learning how to maintain certain states and react appropriatly through others. for thought I suppose, or random internal rambling of my mind ;)

Anything tangible to talk about?

Well, I did finally get to chill in the sun yesterday, which was much needed for my mental wellbeing as well as adding a bit of colour...I mean in the summers one really shouldn't be getting paler...Ha, and I just wrote COLOUR instead of COLOR didn't even realize it. Europe is clearly sticking now. Well, 2 years, I suppose it is about time. I ALSO had another women's fitness class yesterday teaching an aerobics class in one of the larger classrooms. It was fun. They wanted to do some cheerleading (love them!!) so I taught them part of a dance and did some cheer specific conditioning. I had them go through some jump drills and began the foundation for a toe touch jump. All good. And I had a very filling lunch, and I feel happy. I need to buy groceries 'cause I've been living off of watermelon and dried fruit and nuts...literally. I just haven't planned properly to get to the store. I'm going tomorrow and getting stuff together for a dinner I'm hosting on Saturday hopefully. We shall see how it goes. I still have that yellow pepper that I should eat....I just don't fancy peppers.


Sagan said...

Definitely: when we understand ourselves, then we can figure out the appropriate way to respond to any given situation!

Diana said...

I think we're both a combination on introverted and extroverted. Sometimes I love being around people, sometimes I'd prefer to just be alone.

The problem comes in when I want to be alone but I'm forced into social situations, which happens all the time.

No advice here...just that you're very normal. :)