Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Richard Gere

Life has been relatively uneventful recently. I did get another couple days with Albert in NYC, this time staying at a friend's apt IN Union Square, so that was pretty ace. Alb is staying there while I spend some quality time with the family. So far so good, have done a fair bit of coffee shopping and light mealing it up with my mom. Today we went to a place owned by Richard Gere, yes the actor, and my dad met the chef during a running team thing, so he set me up to meet him, the chef. With some effort from my mom we actually found him and got him to come chat. He remembered my dad mentioning my interest in visiting and seeing how things run, so he invited me to come in my chef clothes at 4.30 to the fine dining kitchen and check it out. I'm rather nervous, I'll be honest! It should be pretty cool though, and I think I get to help make the little canapes or something. Pretty cool. My mom and I then decided to eat lunch there to see how it was. It was very fresh and yummy. I didn't want anything heavy or hot, so I just stuck with a very simple salad. They dressed it perfectly and had a wonderful sprinkling of some spices, which I wish I knew what they were. We then tried a blueberry streudel thing, which was a bit strange. It was still fresh tasting, but there was a strange, shortening like, after-feel in the mouth. I don't think it was shortening though. Later on I tried some REALLY yummy raw vegan chocolate truffels we found in Rye, NY. I've never had raw truffels before, and I really fell in love with them. Kinda pricey though.

Even though it's only been 2 days away, I'm really excited to see Albert again tomorrow :D and my highschool friend Alissa, haven't seen her in a much longer time. I love NYC btw. I'm leaning toward doing my internship in Manhattan now. Hopefully I will get the internship I want and be back here in December!

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Diana said...

I love your blog! You're so excited about life and enjoying the little things. It makes me smile. :)