Saturday, July 4, 2009

Food and the Cabin

This 4th of July weekend we are up at the cabin enjoying the serenity and general nothing going on except chilling. We didn't do much, just checked out some places around the cabin, explored an exciting health food market called the mustard seed, which apparently delivers, so I need the website for that! It was nice to see Phyllis and Richard again, I get something like a once a year or once every 6 month visit. I'd like to spend more time chilling with them, long time family friends of ours. Otherwise, enjoying yummy food and such. My mom made a delicious rendition of my birthday meal: grilled portobella stuffed with spinach and pecans and other yummy things! Dessert was one of the macaroons I got from One Lucky Duck, love it!! Albert finished off his SECOND pint of Ben & Jerry's, truly amazing to note hehehe! Everyone seems to like him with is boyish charm and all. :D

Today we watched a film called The Future of Food. I would say that people should watch it and also read The Unhealthy Truth, because they support each other well. Though people claim there is a huge bias in the film, they are trying to make a point, and it is nice to see the same claims and arguments made in a book written by a different person.

I'm really full and sleepy since we opened a bottle of Albert and my favorite Swiss wine from Salquenen, an Assemblage Blanc. Really yummy! We used to order it at Edo a lot, so it is nice to be able to share it with everyone here.

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