Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Food Pics, yah, I did it mwahaha


I decided I NEEDED to get out of the house for a bit and we were out of bananas again, so I decided to take a 2 hour walk to the little grocery store and back. Along the way I saw some things that made me happy (they had no bananas btw):

A Cat mail box, loved it too much. Actually it was always a not so secret wish of mine to paint and create a truly awesome mailbox, but my parents would not allow it waa waa waa. Oh well, I got over it.

The Raspberries are emerging from their fuzzy little pod things! Though I will not be around to indulge in sun warmed ripe wild raspberries I was still really excited about it YAY!

Sexy eh? They be vegan shoes to replace my not so vegan Pumas that had holes in the bottom resulting in wet feet during winters and rainy days in the Alps. Where can you get some not too expensive vegan shoes?

Yupp! I WAS SO EXCITED!! I've read about Moo Shoes and it was my goal to get over there while I was home to replace my sad Pumas. It was a nice day when Albert and I got into Union Square, so we went on a wonderful little adventure walk that (not so) coincidentally led us directly here :D I will admit that I thought they would be super pricey, but they were cheap (this might be skewed perception coming back from Switz with redic shoe costs). I got those shoes for $58 I was happy.


I simply enough got excited about my dinner last night and took a picture, which I NEVER do. I was craving Nachos for about 3 days, and knew something had to be done to appease the craving. I've also been trying to help my parents get rid of things they never use and will one day spoil or poison them, so I dug out a relatively old can of refried beans, unopened and still okay to eat. Seasoned and topped with some yummy homemade lentils and rice, which is cooked with onions and LOTS of cinnimon!! Then I just cut up some left over Zuchini that I picked up at our local Farmer's Market the other day, and my dear mommy cut up some tomato. Then wouldn't let me start eating it without adding fresh lemon juice, olive oil, and a bit of grey sea salt....mmmmm. For the Nacho chip effect I used these raw rosemary flax crackers I found somewhere in Upstate, I found them somewhere in Manhattan, though I have no idea where.

It satisfied my nacho craving, mommy helped me eat it with a glass of Reisling for dessert along with some Green & Black 70% Dark Chocolate. Goodness abounded.


I have ANOTHER Dr. apt today. It seems like if I go to enough Dr.'s they might figure out what's wrong with me (the whole light headedness thing/ headaches). Then I shimy over to NYC to meet the boy for a bit, then I finally get to see Alissa. I think Albert threw out the idea of having a BBQ on the terrace/ BBQ area provided by the awesome apartment building. I love this place. I wanna live there when/ if I move to the city.


Soooo, usually I make a green smoothie in the morning, which has helped my tummy troubles immensly so far, and I just have been feeling better (as cliche as I feel hehehe I even use the Amazing Grass container mwahaha). I usually do the same thing every day with a banana, 3 cubes ice, some frozen bloobs, some strawberries, spinach (or kale), Amazing Grass scoop, Vita Coco (Coconut water) BLEENNNDDD!!!


This morning, since there were no bananas collected I tried to think what to do to make it creamy. I used peach, and strawberry, spinach, AG, Vita Coco, and Coconut milk for creamyness....? Meh. Didn't finish it. T'was yummy but WAY too rich for me. Too creamy:

We shall see what the day brings I suppose. The weather is awesome btw, yummm, I love sun sun sun sun sun :D