Thursday, July 30, 2009

Oh, AND People?

Social Life

What a perk. School comes with people, like TONS of new people. Intimidating and lonely at first, now is exciting and refreshing. As of today, I swear, something changed and the ice broke. Suddenly I'm not the stranger so much, but a classmate, how joyful. Yah, it's nice to be feeling part of this already-established class of HOIIIs. I still mainly stick to my own thing, which I prefer, but I don't HAVE to, and that makes a bit of a difference. People remembering who I am from last year say hi, though I have no idea who they are, and my fitness club is making my name known throughout the women in school. Some girl actually came up to me and asked, "Are you Lia?" then proceeded to ask about the club. I felt rather flattered. I think she was a first year, so she really had no way of knowing me. Cool :D

Women's Fitness

The club meets for the first time today, which is QUITE exciting. I do hope all goes well. I have an outline of the alotted hour I have, so hopefully that will work. My sign up sheet got fuller than the amount of lines I had, so I need to figure out how to warm up all these girls with not much equiptment. Should definitly be a good experience. I also talked to Rachney, the practical director, about teaching a few "alternative cooking" classes. Apparently it is really easy and they encourage it, so I'll hopefully be getting on that soon too. I have to write a proposal for that, which is no problem. I've gotten good at that stuff by now.

Professional Life

I'm updating my CV and need to get a new picture of myself on there too to get my internship's rolling. I already contacted my cousin and he has 2 places that might be taking interns, so that would be awesome if that worked out. I plan to send him my CV tomorrow. Yah! Things are moving. Lots to do.

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