Wednesday, July 29, 2009

School Begins Again

Surprise Surprise!

What's this, ah right, school. Yess, the familiar Les Roches. I have to say I am beginning to grow quite fond of this place. I will admit, that I did not really take to it, THE SCHOOL, very easily or quickly, but now I do feel a sense of loyalty. I think it is from seeing so many changes happen and the growth that has occured in my 1.5 years hear. I've done the Bluche thing to the fullest. I've lived in Randogne for a summer (some of my favorite memories there), I've lived on campus, partyed at most of the clubs, went to San Nicks when it was around, worked at school, been summer and winter batch, watched new dorms and classrooms be built, got into a fight with a chef, become good friends with some chefs, argued with the director, got a warning letter, loved, lost, seen students grow up from first year, seen new teachers come in and old ones leave. Basically I've come to some sort of understanding of the place. I know what works here and what doesn't (not perfectly). I think that is what really got me started doing the Fitness Club. I have the sign up sheet on the Extracurricular Board, and am now waiting for those eager girls to write their names down. I actually want to get involved here and do my part in making the students happier and enjoy thier time here, away from home. It is a hard enough transition, but to then not have many options.....

Purchase of the Week

Yah, so I got myself down to Sierre to check out some prices of my most valued item to be bought here, and I found an AMAZING deal. Yes, I did it. I bought a BLENDER!!! MWAHAHAHA!!! Wherever I checked, they were at least 100 chf with a wattage around 500. The cheapest I found was at Manor, a funi and a bus ride away, and it was 250 Watts (ehhh) for something like 40 chf and 500 Watts for 70 chf. Not too bad. BUT then I went to Inter Discount and found one 750 watts for 170 chf! Oh how beautiful it was, but the one next to it was just right for my college student price range and most of my current needs: 500 watts for 50-60 chf. It was mine. It made me a super smooth smoothy this morning, and I have faith in its capabilities, but will be trying it out more this week, creating awesome Raw concoctions!!! SOO excited! It is a Braun brand, and a plastic container, which is good for my tiny kitchen, things banging around. Also, I sold my stove that I bought for 50 or 60 chf, I think, my little 20 chf hand held blender, and some other things that were given to me for free, for 70 chf, so I just paid for my blender by selling some unnecessary well used stuff. I just need Jash to get his stuff out of my apt. and I can finish organizing everything.

Mood has been picking up by the way. Feeling happy and awesome! Must be the smoothies :D


Sabah said...

Yeay Lia nice to hear you got THE BLENDER .Enjoy every " blend" it does :D. I love the " Blender" since it makes you happy .:D

Albert Meier said...

I, too am in love with this blender. Not just because it isn't 750w, 240mph and I love me an underdog - because it's taught you to settle for second best, which is often-times all you really need. The moral of this story is resourcefulness... enjoy!