Sunday, August 2, 2009

Fitness Club!!

Sooo, you are all DYING to know how my Women's Fitness meeting went yesterday? Well, Lets just say that 15 girls ended up being signed on the sheet, and half of those girls didn't show up....but there were 15 girls at the meeting!!! Yah! That is a good thing! A bunch of people came who hadn't signed up and they LOVED it! I LOVED it! It went so well I couldn't believe it. I really was too happy for my own good afterwards. Practically shaking from giddiness! The girls who missed it are more likely than not, going to come next time, since I know them, and how they completely forgot what time it started, but the feedback was so positive that word of mouth will surely get more people excited about it. They were asking me to do it more than once a week, to incorporate dance into it, they loved having no boys in the gym, the gym stagiere is awesome and set out extra mats for the girls and even wiped them down! *SIGH*

So what did I do? First I started with basic introductions. Asked names, experience, and why they came (what they wanted to get out of this etc.) Half just didn't want guys around, and half wanted to learn more about the gym. Most of the girls had been to a gym before, so that was good. I had them warm up (in shifts) on the equipment and then showed them some basic, effective, stretches. Then I put them through a nice full body, body-weight, curcuit. Then an abs focus with plenty of tips and tricks on how to stay fit simply. It was really nice. There were a lot of girls there for the amount of equipment available, so I may have to start putting a cap on how many people can come.

This week I'm going to have two classes: Tuesday and Thursday. I think I'll do a cardio class and some stuff on th emachines, then move to freeweights, we'll see. I'll let you all know!


Sabah said...

SO cool. Amamzing ..Awsome :) Go LIa .

Albert Meier said...

Picture a vegan waffle with delicious maple syrup being poured slowly onto it. You are that initial splash-down square: the one which you just know'll overflow onto the others with such beautifully tapped goodness.

I... hope that makes sense. Super happy for you, Lia.