Friday, July 24, 2009


The Apartment

Yes I have mostly moved in to the awesomeness that is my apartment. I was initially rathe rlonely, but I am less lonely than I thought. I am coming to see it as my close friend who I can REALLY be myself with. I can dance around in my underwear (or not), I can play music as loud as I want, which doesn´t tend to be very loud by most people´s standards, I can sprawl my painting and drawing stuff on the floor, which I did and am painting something that I do hope comes out well (if it does you´ll see it), I can use a blender early in the morning without waking anybody up, I can take wonderful LUSH filled baths for as long as I want...basically I´m really spoiled, and I like it. :D I took a before picture of the place and will take an after picture too when it is done being moved into and I´ll post it on here, but I have no laptop right now, and had to wait 45 minutes to use this public school one. There was a line behind me, but I think they got hungry and left hehehe.


I bought some staples and wanted to share the costs, to get feedback from those of you back home as to how I might improve my spending, and for curiousity, compare the costs of these items (organic) in the states.

Cold Pressed Sunflower oil-5.70
Cashews, raw-4.40
Almonds, raw-2.90
Walnuts, raw-2.60
Cherry Tomatoes-3.95
Swiss Grown Corn (not GM!!!)-3.45
Yellow Onion-0.75
1 Clove Garlic-1.20
1 Mangoe- 2.40
1 Lemon- 0.70
2 boxes Strawberries- 7.60
3 Peaches- 1.45
1 Bag Baby Lettuce-4.60
1 bad Lamb Lettuce (I've never seen it in the states)-3.95

TOTAL- 52.90

Is this reasonable for these groceries?

I made an icky smoothy last night before I got proper groceries. It was a pear, a frozen banana, as I have no ability to make ice, Amazing Grass, and Raw Coco Powder. I must have put too much coco.

Today, for lunch I made a salad with the mixed baby greens and radish, and cherry tomatoes, BUT the winner was the dressing. I sqeezed about a quarter of a lemon, mixed dark mustard, Fox Point Penzy Seasoning, French Grey Sea Salt, and nutritional yeast, YUM!! Do it NOW!

I need to eat dinner now, so until I next have access to a computer

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Sabah said...

it looks very close to US prices, assuming it is the same amount! if it is then the cost is the same here . So no problem. Enjoy.