Saturday, July 18, 2009

Hospitals Woo!

The End of my Visit

It is all finished now. I'm heading back to Switz tomorrow evening. I'm happy to be moving on again. Many things have come to an end now, and many things linger still. It's been an epic vacation. Did a lot of stuff I wanted to do, can make a few checks on my life to do list :P I'm in a mind set right now that makes me wonder where I'm heading in the near future. I'm kind of scared for the first time about my future, but I'm not sure why. I guess it is the feeling of going it alone that is both frightening and exciting. There are a lot of options after I graduate in Dec. It'll be interesting to look back on now I think because I will be in a very different place, mentally and physically, yes, and emotionally.

Dr's stuff
Anyway, I finished up a lot of Dr. Apointments. Trying to figure out why I get lightheaded and headachey often. There are some stylish pictures of me getting an EEG (brain wave test) and an MRI. Pretty cool. So far everything has come back as normal and healthier than most. Good and bad. I wouldn't mind just knowing why I get lightheaded really, but there doesn't seem to be anything particularly wrong with me. Well, maybe it will pass??

I have a lot to plan and pack still. I'm trying to make good decisions about what food staples to bring with me to school since I will be feeding myself as completely as possible and not relying on school food. I think just some of the stuff I bought while here(vanilla bean, sea salt, Amazing Grass Green Supplement, Nutritional Yeast, Almond butter, Maybe some liquid aminos) I might think of some other stuff later, like Green & Black chocolate yumm! And I need to pack my books and charge my phones. Wish me luck on smooth traveling!

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