Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Amazing things

The Silence

I've been in NYC for a little under a week and have been exploring the deliciousness that it is.  I've been trying out some raw food stuff and so far so good.  The foods taste amazing and fresh.  I am, however, getting rather tired of Avocados.  It seems that restaurants like to use avocados in their salads.  I think my getting tired of them has more to do with the fact that Les Roches doesn't provide avocados very often, so when given the chance, I have been eating them.  Overload!

Amazing Grass

I am using this rather awesome new product called Amazing Grass, which is a supplement (though I like to call it an addition) and is full of tons of goodness in it.  Lots of vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients.  I use it for smoothies at home, but while I've been in NY and don't have the best blender over here, I've been mixing it with my home made almond milk and cereal.  I have been trying to make my cereals more raw too by using raw and germinated nuts, which I then dehydrated in the oven at 100F, and lots of fruit.  I still crave a crunch, so I've been adding just a touch of Smart Start raisin bran cereal, but am looking into some kind of soaked and dehydrated grain.  A work in progress.

Candle 79

I did go to Candle 79 for dinner last night and got the live starter and entree.  The starter was another serving of avocado with some seasoning and fresh tomato, but I was on avocado overload still so it just didn't do it for me.  The entree, though, was delicious!  It was a raw enchilada.  I am not exactly sure what was in there, just a zuchini wrapped around delicious filling, topped with more avocado, which found its way to the side of my plate, "sour cream" made from cashews I think, and some delicious enchilada sauce situation that just made me smile inside.  Dessert, was shared, and was not live, but was a vegan strawberry rhubarb pie with carmel ice cream (soy and coconut milk base) mmmmmm!  I was thoroughly stuffed and needed to go home, but instead did something much better.


We went to central park and listened to Explosions in the!!  Really awesome.  Great band.  They even played Your Hand in Mine, which always makes me choke up.  Really good so far.

Fancy Food Show

Otherwise I've just been exploring different things around here, new restaurant and vegan friendly places.  I went to The Fancy Food Show at the Javits Center a couple days ago.  It is a food show for purchasers and people who run restaurants or grocery stores (or any others interested) to try out new products and add them to their list of suppliers.  Woah!  There was some interesting stuff going on in there.  There was anything from bacon chocolate, to delicious wine ice cream, an educational experience on the different kinds of olive oil and the best way to smell and identify the characteristics, samples galore including a jar of AMAZING Valencia Peanut butter.  Basically the day was FULL of grazing and talking to the professionals in the industry.

Tonight we go back to CT to drive up north to Upstate NY for the 4th of July weekend.  There may be some culutre shock since we're going from the city to the woods.

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