Thursday, May 21, 2009

Physical Progress

So, since most of you discovered my other blog any way, I thought I would just talk about everything here now. Not as much, but just if any thoughts come up on fitness. So, I've been getting in pretty good shape recently, though it is kind of funny because I really noticed physical changes after my 2 weeks of ankle rest, which I think is kind of strange, but maybe my body really needed that rest. I really noticed things when I went back to classes because it hurt a lot more to sit in those hard seats for so long. It honestly felt like I was sitting on muscle and bone instead of the fat that is supposed to cushion me. I still want a soft six pack, but it doesn't seem to want to come out as easily as before when I did have it while going to NCC. I've been doing a pretty awesome program that really challenges you, but these past few days haven't been very consistent because I feel a little cold coming on, though it may just be allergies. Either way I'm taking it easy for a bit. Also I need to relax because I seem to have a really hard time doing that, as we all know. Sometimes I wonder what my ideal situation would be, where I could encourage a relaxed and peaceful Lia mind. I know that it is in my power to come to that peaceful state, and I am working on it every day, all the time. I finished my book The Path To Love, and it really talks about that point. Sometimes I feel like I am more "settled" and self loving and universally loving than most, but then sometimes I am such the opposite. I just don't seem very consistant. But I am gettingmore and more consistant and progress is what is important. You cannot jump to the destination, you must travel there and back track sometimes, work around obstacles, find people to help you along the way, etc. So thanks to you all who have helped me grow up and love life and everything more. You mean a lot to me.

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