Tuesday, May 19, 2009



I am super focused and relaxed for some reason. First of all those two don't usually go together with me, and I have not felt this focused and able to get things done in a while. I was sitting on my balcony in the warm sun that has finally blessed us mountain folk with its presence, when I was considering what could have changed to make me feel this way. The sun started shining on Saturday, and I also started taking airbourne because I had a bit of a tingle in my throat and my lymph nods were a tad tender, but I've been taking it everyday, a few times a day, since Saturday. I'm wondering, is it the airbourne, the sun, or just psychological circumstance? It feels really good, I have to say. Steffi remarked last night that she can't belive she is seeing me studying for an exam. She doesn't seem to know what has gotten into me, neither do I. Usually I am less likely to at the end of semester, but I seem to be in this euphoric state since Sunday evening. I also did talk through some issues with Albert, so maybe that is influencing me? I just feel rejuvinated or younger or something, not that I am old, internally.

I hope everyone else is feeling peaceful and happy to be living. DO take that little moment to just stop and breathe in the air and feel being alive.

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