Sunday, May 24, 2009

Beautiful Weather Can be Painful

Wine Tasting!

Yesterday, Stefi and I went to Salgesch, which is 3 minutes by train and walked to a winery. I found out about this place through the Japanese restaurant across the street, Edo. Edo has this amazingly delicious White Wine that Albert and I have come to adore. I wanted to bring some home for the family and to share with Albert while he is visiting. Edo, of course, sells the wine at least 2ce the price the winery sells it, so off I went to Salgesch in search of a cheaper bottle. I found it, and they were hosting a wine tasting too! SO Steffi and I made ourselves more comfortable and enjoyed some amazing wines. We tried the Assemblage Blanc that I went to buy and it was delicious as always, full of happy memories and emotions. We then tried the Dole de Salquenen (the name of the Winery). It was too sour for my liking, but I guess that is Dole for you. Oh, Dole is a Swiss red wine. It is quite light and this one tasted a lot like currants. Then we tried the Cabernet Sauvignon from the area. It was good, better than I the one I bought for 3 chf the other day! I prefer a really deep woody flavour for my reds, and this one was a bit too light for me, but it was still nice. Then the owner recommended we try a red called Cornalin, which she claimed mimicked a spanish red. Intrigued we sipped and tasted and WOAH! It was crazyness. I'm not going to go into too many details about it since I bought a couple bottles for the family and they need the surprise, but this wine was truly unique! This wine is more for socializing and sipping on after dinner or something, while the Assemblage compliments a nice meal. I'm really excited for my parents to try these wines!

Sunny Days

:D Yup, it has been pretty consistantly beautiful here. This is good because we have essentially had a 4 day weekend (I told you, I love exam weeks!) And I have been by the pool a fair few times to lay and play. Yesterday Steffi and I were up and about at around 1:30 and dressed to enjoy the wonders of laying on a mountainside in the sun with the snow topped Alps surrounding us and a gorgeous valley far below. I didn't have my camerera because I don't think about these things haha, but I did take a picture with my phone that I will probably show you when I see you. I feel so lucky to be able to experience it, it is like being on a vacation at one of those resorts that sports breath taking views and experiences, but living there!!! The downside was that the wonderful weather kept us there for a fair few hours and resulted in my first ever tummy and leg burn. Never burned those before, but I'm lovingly lotioning them with my Aloe after sun cream.

Auction Picnic

I had the auction picnic and Tahir came as my date, since the people who bought me weren't really that involved and interested in the picnic. It was nice, they made me a vegan skewer and were more defensive about it than I was hahaha. When anyone would reach for them the social comitee people would say, in a far too agressive tone, that those were for Lia only because they were vegan and not for anyone else! HAHAHAHA!! When I heard them saying that I told them to please let everyone have a veggie skewer if they want it. They made about 10 anyway, I barely ate 3! I appreciated the thought and effort though! Steffi dressed me up for it and I really should have taken a picture there too because she did a pretty nice job. She went all out and did my hair and chose my earings and everything. I really do love my roomate. I have found that I feel like she is my sister. When we do disagree, which is rare, we just remember that it is never out of malintent, and simply move on with our lives keeping in mind the discussion so as to avoid irritating the other since we spend A LOT of time together. Not only do we live together, we have classes together, and we hang out and go on adventures together! I'm really lucky to have found such a good roomate.

A Walk

After yesterday's sun drenched and fresh air filled day, I went on a walk with an old friend for about 2.5 hours! It was really nice and we mended things that had created a lot of tension and problems between us this semester. I'm trying to come to a peaceful and happy ending with those I respect and value. Since I won't be seeing many of these people again, I can't stand the idea that some people I actually like and value would leave with a broken relationship between us. Overall a very good weekend thus far.

Oh and I found 10 chf on the road!

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