Saturday, May 2, 2009

Days Go By

My friend, Olivia, remarked today when introducing me to her sisters: "Lia is a typical type A personality who is stuck doing nothing." HAHAHAHAHA!!! Yup, that's me right now. I am actually IMPRESSED by people who can do nothing. There is an art to it because I am just not good at it. I really have tried though. Today my foot was hurting a bit, I think because I went walking yesterday for a bit longer than I should have...BUT I got to feed the horses and pet them, so it was worth it! hehehe. No, but really. I even drew a whole picture last night. It is below. I've even succumbed to the temptations of Television....well, The Biggest Loser, though I am only allowed 72 minutes of viewing then none for an hour due to bandwidth usage constraints? I did manage to get out of my room for a bit with Christa who picked me up to check out apartment options. I did get a pretty good list actually, better opportunities than before, so I'm going to visit them on Monday and some other ones through out the week, and be all done and decided hopefully latest Friday.

In other news, it was a warmer day today. Still sweater weather, but better. Soon, so soon, it shall be warm? Oh, and I finsihed the last of my nut butters today. I had my last bite of nut butter goodness with an apple for breakfast. I might pick up some good quality Almond butter from the store in Sierre, though it is roasted, and I prefer raw. Alrighty, I can't even think of anything else to write about right now, so I'm gonna get back to Bigest Loser since my hour of waiting is done. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Oh goodness....

In memory of my trail days when jumping off the bow of a canoe at night was our biggest joy.

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