Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The End Seems so Close

I will admit that I am quite excited for my time off from Les Roches. My summer schedule is finally full again. Full of wonderful things! It feels like May is here already though I am not so sure why I feel this way when it is actually the..oh it's the 29th already! wonderful! I just felt like I needed to get to May and everything would feel better. I think it is because June is just going to fly by with exams and working in a la carte, though I have to admit that these days of doing nothing have flown by rather quickly. Once May hits properly it will be the home stretch! I'm so excited for it all!! I get to see so many people I care about!! Next week is going to fly by like this week has been and that will put me already a whole week into May! Crazy! Then back to academics for presentations galore and some last project work. Hopefully those two weeks will go by fast enough. Lots of exams too actually. Then one week left of May! I can't believe it is almost over already!

Anyway, today I am going up to Montana to try to talk to some agencies about apartments AGAIN and hope they have something available by now. See you all soon!

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