Saturday, April 18, 2009

Vegan Mac N' Cheeze

Food Experience

Hey everyone. I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying life. I thought I would enjoy my life a bit more today by finally eating my vegan, gluten free, mac and cheeze I brought from the states. Yah...not so much. I donno what was going on there, but it really didn't taste good. It was the instant cheeze, which sounded good from the ingrediants, but was not. I have had really good vegan mac and cheeze before, but not from a dry mix. Don't do it.


In terms of school and all that I am under a heavy load of work these 2 weeks. Once next week is finished I will be able to breath for a while. I just have to finish up my kitchen project, and for me that simply means entering a bunch of stuff into an online program that calculates the cost of the recipe. Then I have to finish up my nutritions project, which I am not really worried about, but I just need to sit and do it. And then for extracurriculars I am thoroughly involved in the dance class and have bits and peices of the part I am supposed to choreograph down. Very cheerleading-ish. Wonderful!

Another Exemption!!

I did manage to get exempted from my last two weeks of practical, which is right before my finals exam week, so I'll be hopefully making some money and getting really good marks because of excess study time. We will see I suppose.


Otherwise is is still cold here, as in it was wet snowing the other evening, but it is warming up nicely at least. Positivity! My lung capacity seems to have decreased since I got back, maybe it is readjusting to the altitude, but I gotta get my running lungs back for my race on the 26th!

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