Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Let it All Go

Hey everyone

So I've been quite busy recently and really need to relax. I am really feeling the pull to have some alone time since I am always with Steffi and rarely have time to be by myself doing my own thing. Hopefully I will find an apartment soon and all will be well for next semester.

I'd Rather Be Dancing

Honestly. I love practice and training. I will be happy when all my projects and exams are through and I can just chill with dancing. I actually just canceled my run in the 10 K race because my knees just aren't taking to running right now. They'd rather be dancing instead, which is what they are going to be doing actually.

Thinking Ahead

Otherwise I am doing the regular. Looking at different opportunities for the next stage in my life, my next internship. I have been checking out some options and have some ideas that will set me up well for the future. They also keep me in warm places! I'm also trying to plan some fun things for Albert's visit to the states, so if anyone has any ideas, just send me an E-mail, since I don't necessarily want him to know about them. I also really need to renew my passport soon...

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