Monday, April 13, 2009

It Wasn't Quite the Right Time To Leave

A Perfect Week

I thought I would show you some pictures from y trip. I definitly could have taken more pictures of interesting moments, but I just don't think to bring my camera. I like memories better. But these are for you:

A warm welcome!

There was also a massouse waiting for me and gave me the BEST full body massage I have ever had. Perfect after traveling for 2 days.

This is a shot of part of Albert's backyard, complete with DELICIOUS mango trees!

After chilling around his area, including a visit to a HUGE mall, he took me on a little surprise get away to a place called Sophie's Garden in Tagaytay, which I think I need to go back to or work at since it is almost exactly what I envisioned myself running one day. They grow their fruits, vegetables, and herbs and serve them yummy and fresh to you for meals! Amazing and delicious. I ate seafood while there and had this amazing dish called Pusit, which is made with fresh squid. I got sick the next day so I don't think it agrees with me, since I ate it again at Albert's and also got a bit sick, but man it is SO good! As is fried Tilapia and rice. Probably the simplest dish there, but I could totally live off of that!

Here is a shot of the room we stayed in there. It was so flowy and beautiful and bright.

The other side.

The awesome shower. The pebbles on the floor give your feet a nice massage while you shower.

Pretty toilet

This is the path to our room. It felt so nice to be surrounded by plants, and heat.

Sophie's is also known for its immense flower gardens everywhere!!

Albert enjoying the place :)

I just appreciated this upon entering the property

This is inside the nursery. I thik this is all herbs. There are other outdoor gardens for the more mature plants.

Me outside the bakery in all joy and ecstasy!

Albert inside the bakery. The bread here was so good and fesh!

After Sophie's we went to Albert's aunt's place. She is an srtist and her home is FULL of her artwork! Amazing peices too. This was me attempting to capture the brief downpour. If you look at the table you can kind of see drops...

Thier porch. You see that painting of the woman and the bass? It's in the back on the left. That's what she was working on when we got there.

Some more of her art and the bass she was painting.

I think this is after I finally got to chill at the beach and get burned hahaha! We actually spent the first day there enjoying the company of some neighborood friend's of theirs. We played in the pool, sipped Cosmos, ate delicious food. Then we all went out on the boat for a sunset cruise, which included Albert and the other boys doing a bit of cliff jumping, which I do love to do, but opted to stay dry as the sun went down. I did, however, get to play around on the jet skii (my first time!) The next day we just hung around the house, walked to the beach and layed around. these people serve so much amazing food. Oh you think you're done eating? Nope, here's another course.

One of the views on our way back to Albert's place. Pretty, huh? Hehehehe!

Those are the pictures. Afterwards we picked up a Bocu Pie from a stand on the side of the road. Hot fresh and delicious. It is a coconut pie with fresh coconut meat inside!! Oh my goodness! Good Friday was spent lazing around, perfect! And Saturday we went to a different mall where I picked up some pretty cool stuff that I haven't seen around me like an awesome ipod cover and some flowy pants, which I sported on my flights the next morning.

All in all, and EXCELLENT investment in time, money, and emotion, and that was only 1 week. I'm sad and glad to be back in Switz. I'm happy that it is warm because I think I would have had some adjustment issues, emotionally, if it was still freezing here. I loved the Philippines though, as a place, not just my outings and vacation like time. I don't know what it is. Maybe it reminds me of Dubai a bit, when I lived there. I love the fresh foods, the ability to have a garden all year round, the cheap prices of things, the style of clothes, the unpretentiousness of it all.

This also really supported my theory that I do, infact, have to live in a warm place.

Last Words

At Camp Warren, one of the staff once made a little speech to the campers and staff about how he goes through the school year, working, studying, whatever, and he has this little cup inside of him that slowly empties. Whenever he comes back to camp it gets refilled again so that he is spiritually rejuvinated. He can go back into the world of stress, school, and society, able to stay true to himself and remember about true happiness. This is how I feel. My cup was filled up and it has been needing a refill for more than a year, I could tell.

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Sabah said...

Welcome back to the Alps Lulu. It sounds like you had a super vacation. So happy for you.Youlook gorgious there, like those models in tavel magazines.:) I am realy glad you had a good time and enjoyed Albert and his family. See you soon.Mommy