Saturday, April 4, 2009

In Amsterdam!

I'm in Amsterdam airport now!! I thoughtI would just blog sort of real time for all you who are worried about my life (aka mommy and daddy). I also wanted to be able to post before calling in a friendly spiteful way teehee!! I have a 30 minute internet card so gotta be quick. I left Bluche yesterday and it was awesome. I love it when time does it's thing and you aren;t feeling it creep by slowly. I ended up running into Dominic at the train station in Sierre and some other students I didn't know. Got to GVA and found a few chairs to crash on. Tried desperatly to find comfort in those chairs, but I think they make them so that people WON'T sleep on them. There was a group of people sleeping on the floor so I thought I'd give it a go!

Would have been fine actually the ONLY issue was the marble floor was really cold, so I moved back to the chairs after an hour or so. Sleep came and went in 30-45 minute increments which was real good. Check in and security was super fast since it was so early! The flight was as long as I kept my eyes open for, so about 15 minutes. In reality I think it was 1.5 hours or something. This is where I am now. Not the best picture, but it is my view from my internet spot.

The next leg is the most exciting. I love the longer flights because they are more entertaining and I can get more sleep. Then I'll land and WOO!! So excited!

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