Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Guess I'm a Morning Person teehee!

The Hour

You know what time it is right now hehehehe?? It's 6:30 am. I woke up all wide awake at 5. I slept quite early though. I've been getting rediculously tired rediculously early even if I am able to convince myself to fall back asleep till Steffi's alarm goes off at 6:50, I still crash around 8:30-9 pm!!! I was able to keep myself up till around 9:45 last night reading Path to Love. Good book. thanks mommy!! So I wanted to tell a little story about my morning and some realizations too.


I think this thought occured to me while I was reading last night, triggered partially by the book and also by reminders of my back packing trips (my friend sent some pictures my way). I remembered how negative complaining used to be in my mind. I used to avoid it like the plague because I found it to be one of the most detrimental thing to a person and groups. It accomplishes nothing and only accentuates the negative of a situation. On trail I had completely stopped complaining and had a mentality that was able to find the positivity in EVERYTHING because there really isn't any other way to go about it. I noticed that I have been complaining A LOT rcently. In school and in other areas of my life. It kind of shocked me. I really want to rediscover my anti-complaining attitude. I'm glad I noticed the shift.

The Room Next Door

This morning was funny. So I am all awake, and I took out my earplugs because they were a bit uncomfortable by now, and I could hear the people next door. I think they must have gone out last night and were home afterwards just talking away, hahaha! I listened to thier enthralling conversation about the antics the club had held for them. Steffi was tossing around a bit so I thought I might ask the neighbors to whisper, since speaking in a normal voice seems to carry through the paper walls we have. They said sorry and all was well. The quietness lasted about 15 minutes, but Steffi was snoring so it seemed okay. I was just laying in bed relaxing and day dreaming. There was a guy in the room who had been chatting with the two roommates. I guess one of them had breakfast duty at 6 because her roomy kept telling th eother to shut up she had duty in 30 minutes etc. etc. Finally the girl gets dressed and goes off to school. Then, as if they weren't aware that we could hear everything since I let them know, the guy and the other girl start to go at it!! HAHAHAHA!! Usually I'm all okay with that, you know, yah go for it, have a good time, just don't be too loud and wake me up, but this morning I really didn't want to listen to them, but I was humuoured, I don't know why. I think it was because the second her roomate left....hahahha! Anyway. So I'm in the ironing room since there is really good internet there. Steffi's alarm is going to go off soon, so I should go back and get ready for school.


I will be going to Sierre today since I finish at 1:45 and I will hopefully get some yummy tofu curry for dinner. We will see though.


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