Monday, March 30, 2009

This is My 100th Post!!!

How exciting!

In other news. Today I thought I would kill someone...or many people...not really. First off, I am coming down with something I think, and I think it is going to be epic. My throat started hurting a day ago, and I've had a headache (that is getting consistently worse) coupled with random severe light headedness for about 4 days now. Also my neck has been sore, which is weird because the last time I had consistent headache-ness I also had this sore neck thing.

I was close to going home before my last to classes (4 hrs). I did stay, but I really couldn't function well, especially in Spanish. The teacher would ask me a question and all I could do was look at her and shrug. Anything she taught I could not absorb and could not apply. I called the nutritionists, who the nurse insisted spoke some english, and they didn't. Apparently none of the people there speak english. I asked. The nurse told me this morning that she would help me if there WAS a language problem, so I sauntered over to her office, and there were about 8 students waiting outside. About 10 minutes per student...I had 15 minutes left of my break, the ONLY time I could go, since she closes at something like 4 and I don't get out of class till 5:35. I had already used my first long break to get the numbers for the dr.s......anyway. I figured I would just call my Dr. who I go to, a regular one, but I guess I lost her number. I'm worried and completely stressed because it is so close to midterm and I really don't want to be an ailing sick person on my vacation. :(

This was topped off with having to go to A la carte for lunch (required) and them having rice and lamb lettuce for me to eat..oh and bread. Super. I went to Market Place afterwards anyway, and all they had was lettuce and fruit for me to eat...oh and bread. Then at dinner I went to the chef to ask what I could eat and he went through everything they were serving. I could eat salad and fruit...oh and bread too. He hadn't prepared a veggie plate for me, which is understandable since I had stopped picking it up (eating the same vegetables (the SAME ones) simply cooked in a vaccum bag and sprinkled with walnut oil everyday for lunch AND dinner, got a bit tiresome, and wasn't fulfilling my nutritional requirements.) All they had to do today, for example, was to NOT put cream in the curry (use coconut milk instead) or NOT put butter in the rice with veg. I am sorry for this rant, but I'm just getting to a point. And I can't even think of talking to Taylor, the director, about it anymore. I'm so tired of dealing with his stupid round about ways of dealing with things, and the delays etc. etc. They cannot provide, but they should not make me think they can so I don't even go to dinner or lunch and can actually plan ahead and just buy food. Stupid money hungry joke of a director....Okay I'm done. Anger, hatred, and general negativity is out.

It was sunny today, which was a pleasant treat.

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