Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Some Interesting News


I WAS OFFICIALLY EXEMPTED FROM ONE INTERNSHIP!!! WOOOHHOOOOO!!!! That's awesome. That cuts 6 months out of my required school commitment! So all I have left is this semester, Management semester, and my internship. I'll receive my associates in Business Administration in December, and my SHA Diplome in June! Then I can pursue my BBA somewhere, where, I do not know yet.


For now: I am checking out more appartments tomorrow morning in Montana, I have a yoga class today, I'm going to the school's first "street dance" class on Thursday with Tahir and Steffi, I'm hopefully going snowboarding on Saturday, and then practical starts on Monday. Phew. I have a good amount of projects I neeedd to work on and get them over with before they get too close. I have my nutritions project, which I'm excited to do, my Organizational Behavior project that I am not excited to do, and my Culinary Concept project that I am excited and scared to do. Today is spanish and Nutrition tests...I hope I'm prepared!!!

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Chuck said...

This all sounds to be very good news. Congratulations!