Thursday, March 5, 2009



I'm tired again. I did buy earplugs today, and looked at some more apartments. There is a REALLY nice one in a REALLY perfect location, next to a middle eastern restaurant and bus stop in fact, but it is made for more than one person and is kinda pricy. The other was way too small for the price. It seems that apartments in Montana are more expensive than in Crans, which is further away. Most of them aren't even up on the market until April or May. I'd rather finish it all now.


Otherwise I am VERY ready to be done with academics and school in fact. I've been feeling that way alll day today. I feel ready to just go out and start racking up experience in different departments. I just want to start life and just focus on what I want instead of the unnecessary things that I'm sitting in class for, like Front Office, in which I would learn much better if I actually did it. I guess I'm getting tired f being a reliant student now. I never thought I would say that...I want my own life (yes parentals, I am growing up hahaha!)

Need to study for my kitchen exam.

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