Saturday, March 7, 2009

Not Much to Report

I'm just bored right now. I have been rather unproductive I suppose. Just relaxing, which I think was very much needed. I gave a massage with olive oil today which I thought was weird since I feel like I am basting someone to stick them in the oven later hahaha. I don't know where my regular massage oils went though, otherwise I would have supplied some. Tomorrow I will be cooking dinner for my second home, Tahir, Mitali, Sebastian, and I think Steffi will be joining us. I do like her to hang out with my friends sometimes, to see who it is I spend inordinate amounts of time with. Yah....really not much else. On sort of exciting thing is that CDV has some more legitimate sauce for the falafel wrap. It is more hummus like, though a bit too liquidy. They also just implemented vegetarian samosas, and they are vegan! BUT they are SUPER greasy. That was a turn off. I tried them, but I don't think I'll be getting them again. Tomorrow I'm running 5K with Tahir, and hopefully I won't take too long to do it like last semester. I think my running has improved actually. A lot of my stress is gone. It is nice. I feel happy.


Chuck said...

Let me know what your 5K time is! Go Lia!!

Sabah said...

that is so funny, the plive oil massage thing; like pasting them to bake them ha hah.Youwill have some excitment whenMariam arrives, she is bringing lots of goodies for you.