Monday, March 9, 2009

First Day in Market Place


Today I started my shift in Market Place kitchen.  I made these strange things that we called omeletes, but it was really just eggs, Gruyere cheese, parsley and tomatoe put into a GN container and baked.  I have dinner duty this week and I work in the hot kitchen till tuesday and then I move to cold kitchen on thursday having weds off!  Mariam, a friend from NYC who works with my mom, will be arriving on Thursday to make a documentary on American's studying in Europe.  So, I'll be shadowed by a camera for a while, which should be pretty funny!  I'm excited to see her!  Hopefully she will enjoy this strange town of Bluche.  On Weds I'd like to go to Lausanne since I am off of work.  I've been planning to go some time soon.  I need a nice jacket/ new sneakers...unfortunatly.  I don't really like spending money, but I have holes in my shoes now.  Also gym shorts would be good.  Mine are not gym shorts....


Otherwise, it is still snowing and CDV is is amazingly loud for a Monday night.  I'm sitting here amazed.  A bunch of people from summer batch are visiting so maybe that is making it a festive mood.  Not much interesting stuff. Peace.

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