Saturday, February 7, 2009

Winter Day Ramblings

Okay, so I am fond of tis place.  I really am.  For some reason, when I was in the Funi yesterday, I say a mother with her baby and it was all bundled up and snuggly and I just wanted to do that with my kid if I had one.  Put it into all the warm layers and stuff.  Switzerland is a really nice place to grow up and raise a kid I think...even though it is cold.  If you lived near the italian part your kid would learn 4 languages.  French, Italian, German, and English.  How awesome is that?  And they would be peaceful and happy.  Maybe.  But I mean who wouldn't be if they grew up here?  I guess I could deal with living in the cold here when it is so beautiful.  Though right now it is kind of slushing and foggy outside.

Another realization of mine is that I never really knew how stressed I was/am on a regular basis until I actually relaxed, and realized that I was relaxed.  It is so nice to have that.  I was so happy inside, not that I am unhappy now or anything, but I am just stressed and I can feel it more because I am aware of what being relaxed is like.  One thing that came back is my tummy problem, so I guess it is stress related.  I kind of want a job.  I feel like it would calm me down for some reason, and I would be earning some money, which would be nice.

The vegan thing is going really well.  I seem to have options wherever I look now.  I helped CDV yesterday to make the falafels that they are adding to the menu.  We made a bunch and are freezing some because there are so many!  Proceeding to summer batch is still in process as Taylor has yet to respond and give me the okay.  I think it will be fine though.  Then I can start looking for an apartment yay!

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