Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Vegan Summer Batch Student?

OKAY! The vegan situation is sorted out. I think it would have been simpler to just give me half-board, but they gave me food instead. The chef will be preparing an individual plate just for me that I ask for at each meal. Today was the first day of this and it worked really well. I got what I needed. I thought they would stuff me with rice and pasta but instead I got a HUGE plate of veggies!! STEAMED too! So good! I ate my dinner portion with rice and soy sauce. I was very happy, and still am. I finally get my veggies! I also met another vegan girl from HOI. I let her know about all this stuff and now she gets a plate too. I feel good!

I am applying to postpone my internship and finish my Les Roches career next semester. I have to get 2 letters that say "yes" I got my first one today. Now Mr. Taylor has to give me the okay. I have to meet with him though, and apparently he is super busy this week. The receptionist told me to try tomorrow and catch him during my 20 minute break.....right. She said it is too difficult to make an appointment right now. Hopefully he will be all for it! Then I will be looking for an appartment. The sooner the better, and the cheaper.

It's windy and cold. That's about it.

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