Sunday, February 8, 2009

Solo Boarding

I went snowboarding this morning alone!  I've never gone alone before.  I really liked it, maybe even more than going with people...maybe.  I was supposed to meet a friend, but I think she was still sleeping when I woke up so I just went anyway and had a good time.  I should have gotten the half day pass, but was a bit too ambitious.  I had some hard falls that made me lose my initial excitement.  I did get in a good 3 hours.

For lunch I went to the restaurant at the bottom of the mountain, Violettes Restaurant, and the only available table was for 4, but I sat there anyway.  A group of Italian men ended up joining me.  They spoke no english or french so I wasn't really able to communicate.  They gave me some wine that they brought and I found out that one of the guys actually made it!  It was really good.  A chardonnay.  Then I think one of them wanted to pay for my meal but the wine maker was like "Don't be silly.  She isn't asking us to pay for her, let her pay, she'll probably be weirded out."  That is what I gathered.  There seems to be a closer relationship between spanish and italian than french or english, so I was actually able to understand a bit more than expected. Yah, the spanish that I learned last year, that I thought I forgot, actually came back and STUCK!  It wasn't "stuck" last year, but suddenly...there it is.  Chilling in my head.  So woohoo!

I start breakfast shift in the kitchen tomorrow, bright and early at 6 am!  I'll be sore from today that's for sure!

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