Saturday, February 21, 2009



I thought I would give everyone an idea of what I'm doing and where I am living and surviving ;P

This is an early morning view from my room, yup those are clouds behind that building. That is our Poste building, and those are the Alps of Valais, Switzerland...great snowboarding hehehe!

Here is my friend Caroline (Canadian) and me in the Sandwich outlet of our school. She is working on the breads for the roast beef sandwich, and I am prepping the ingredients to put inside of them.

Here I am cutting Roast Beef

I like this one! It is my chef, De Viti (Italy) and Caroline and me, all in our snazzy uniforms!

This is our most popular sandwich, the chicken tikka panini.

Our second most popular sandwich, the roast beef. We also sell a 3 cheese on foccacia, and a grilled vegetable panini.

Catch up

I have been rather busy recently, so sorry for the lack of postings. Recently I have been trying not to drown in the massive amounts of snow that continue to fall. I finished working in CDV and PFA sandwich shop. I took my Serve Safe exam and found it SO much easier than I thought it was going to be, hopefully that means I knew the information well and not that I didn't know enough to realize that I did badly hahaha!

Sierre Visit

Today is Carnival, where people get dressed up in costumes (like Halloween) during the day, throw firecrackers around, and have a parade. Tahir, a friend named Alan, and I went down for Thai lunch and watched the antics of Carnival. I randomly ended up at a hockey game, then the little chocolate store, where I got some dark chocolate truffels, which I enjoyed with Tahir over tea after grocery shopping. I also picked up some B-complex vitamines, and rice milk! Yay!

Now I am just relaxing in CDV before starting on a project, then dinner and a movie and an early night, much needed!

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