Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Hi and Bye

I'm so tired. I wanted to leave a hello and let you all know that things are going well over here...BUT IT IS SNOWING AGAIN!!!! Like I went to the gym fine and when I left the snow was covering my boots....so much snow. I've been working in CDV!!! wooo!! Chef Roselli was just like "Lia will help any of you who have quastions...she REALLY knows how this place operates." I felt pretty cool, especially since I thought he hated me. I have a bit if free reign, which is pretty cool. I got to make dessert today, and decided to make "American Style" Apple Pie!! SO Good! I made it with a lattice top. I should get a picture tomorrow for you. It was alll gone by the end of the night. I also got to make staff meal with one of my classmates. We decided on fried rice. I was in charge of the vegan one and she was incharge of the regular one. There is still some left over, so hopefully I can eat it tomorrow too. It ended up more like an "asian" curry version of fried rice.

Time for bed!

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