Monday, February 2, 2009


I have a class called Organizational Behavior. I have a teacher in this class. He claims to know the subject so well that he freaks people out by how well he can read them and how socially savvy he is. He is soooooo overestimating himself. This does not follow the conservatism principle we learned about in accounting where you should never overestimate your assets. Anyway, he has continually made snide remarks about women and I finally talked to him about it. I wouldn't mind so much if both men and women were made fun of, then I would take it as humor. I was so irritated I almost called him out on it DURING class, but decided to tell him semi-privately, but since he is partially deaf I had to speak pretty loudly anyway. He said he was just looking for reactions, but never got them...yup, really great at reading people....anyway, he apologized and won't do it anymore. Cool.

Otherwise things are still super. I helped Christa meet her new studio. It is really nice! Kinda out of the way, but definitly a good place for one or even two people. I am excited to start looking for a place if Taylor approves my request to be summer batch. I really want my own appartment away from the noise of Bluche. Christa and Matt said they are potentially still looking for a place for summer batch and I might be able to join them in a larger appartment, which would be ace!

I am FINALLY doing laundry. I haven't since I left the states hehehe!! So since Jan 11th. Almost a month! I know, I know, but hey I'm in college right?

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Ethan Allen said...

Your teacher sounds like my Hwa Rang Do instructor, except you're more forward about calling people on their sillies. Kudos to you. Keep up the great blogging.