Monday, February 9, 2009


You know when you have to wake up early and go to bed early to prepare for that early morning? And you know when you just can't fall asleep no matter what you try to do? EVEN if you do what has never failed you, like listening to track one of my Soymix 2 CD...well that was me, and I went to bed at 8:30, and fell asleep around 11/11:30. Still had to get up at 5am though. Breakfast shift went well though. I was rediculous at the begining! First I was stupid and balanced a glass container of chocolate syrup badly and it fell and broke, fun clean up job. THEN the chef asked me to transfer some strawberry syrup from one glass container to another this time without breaking anything, and I broke it hahaha!! I honestly just laughed so hard when this one broke because I picked it up and the handle broke off and syrup spilled on the counter. The chef just looked at me as if he was saying "honestly? REALLLLYYYY?" hahahaha it was quite funny actually.

I'm dead so I'm passing out and will hopefully be successful this time. G'night!

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