Friday, February 27, 2009

Sleep is a Gift


I'm back to normal yay! I slept properly for 2 nights now, and feel so much better. I really needed it. Now I have completed all of my exams for this week and my project, which I think went well. I focused on Howard Schultz, the owner of Starbucks. I really like him now. He did an amazing job in creating a successful company.


We've been given some more projects to get started on, and I am working with Steffi and her German friend Katharina. They are both REALLY hard workers and are very much on top of everything. I think it will go well.


I also seems to be warming up! My Spanish teacher told us that it is supposed to be a very nice weekend. It's about time, really. Not much else is going on. I can't believe March is almost here. 2 days. Also, Steffi pointed out that after this academic rotation is done, next week, we only have 2 more academic rotations. So strange.

People of the world intrigue me.

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